Friday, 13 January 2017

9.00-9.30         Registration, Tea and Coffee

9.30-9.45         Welcome and Opening Remarks

9.45-11.15        New Thoughts on Religion in Early Modern Scotland

Chair: Andrew Carter, University of St Andrews

Jamie Reid-Baxter, University of Glasgow, “Rethinking the Melvillians: the Poetic Spirituality of the East Neuk of Fife, 1580-1620”

Christopher Langley, Newman University, “Negotiation the Parish in Early Modern Scotland”

Steven Reid, University of Glasgow, “Rethinking the Politics of Church and State in Early Jacobean Scotland: the Life and Career of Archbishop Patrick Adamson (1536-1592)”

11.15-11.30      Tea and Coffee

11.30-1.00        Politics and the Crown

Chair: Roger Mason, University of St Andrews

Lucinda Dean, University of the Highlands and Islands, “Reaching the Estate of Manhood: A Case Study of James V”

Cailean Gallagher, Queen Mary University of London, “How populist was the populo? George Buchanan’s conceptual courting of the Scottish elite”

Lorna Hutson, Oxford University, “The Body Politic on Bended Knee”

1.00-1.45         Lunch

1.45-3.15         The Civil Wars & Civil Society in the Seventeenth Century

Chair: Steve Murdoch, University of St Andrews

Andrew Lind, University of Glasgow, “Banishing the Last Stereotype: Scottish Royalism and the British Civil Wars, 1639-1651”

Salvatore Cipriano, Fordham University, “The Plantation and Deposition of Professors in the Scottish Universities under the Covenanters, 1638-1651”

Allan Kennedy, University of Manchester, “Where the Publick is Wounded: Criminal Prosecution and the Privy Council in Restoration Scotland”

3.15-3.30         Tea and Coffee

3.30-5.00         Scottish Literature and Book History

Chair: Kelsey Jackson Williams, University of Stirling

Rachel Hart and Margaret Connolly, University of St Andrews, “The Marchmont manuscript: medieval reading for early modern Scots”

Nicola Royan, University of Nottingham, “Editing Early Modern Scotland”

5.00-6.00         “The Future of Scottish Book History” Roundtable Discussion

Helen Vincent, National Library of Scotland; Elizabeth Elliott, University of Aberdeen; Sebastiaan Verweijj, University of Bristol; Elizabeth Henderson, University of St Andrews

6.00-6.45         Wine Reception

6.45                 Dinner

Saturday, 14 January 2017

9.30-11.00       Scots Abroad in the Seventeenth Century

Chair: Kelsey Jackson Williams, University of Stirling

Steve Murdoch, University of St Andrews, “Cauld Kale Het Up? St Andrews and Europe”

Kathrin Zickermann, University of the Highlands and Islands, “Complex Identities and Cultural Integration: Second Generation Scots in Swedish Service During and After the Thirty Years War”

Silke Muylaert, University of Kent, “Foreign Protestant communities in England as a link between Scotland and the Continent”

11.00-11.15      Tea and Coffee

11.15-12.45      National, Transnational and Global approaches to the Eighteenth Century

Chair: Matt Ylitalo, University of St Andrews

Esther Mijers, University of Edinburgh, “National and Transnational: Scottish History c.1700”

Allan MacInnes, University of Strathclyde, “Globalisation occured on Loch Craignish in 1720”

Nicola Martin, University of Stirling, “’In the heart of the vile race’: the British Army, the Highlands, and the Empire in the Eighteenth Century”

12.45-1.30       Lunch

1.30-3.00         Being African in Scotland

Chair: Kimberly Sherman, University of St Andrews

Lesley Mickel, University of the Highlands and Islands, “Wild Highlanders, Blackness and Nationality in Early Modern Court Culture”

Stephen Mullen, University of Glasgow, “Bound Labour in a Land of Liberty: White and Black Runaways in Eighteenth-century Scotland”

Nelson Mundell, University of Glasgow, “Maintaining the Illusion of Power: An Analysis of Ethnic Minority Runaway Advertisements in Scotland, 1700-1775”

3.00-3.30         Tea and Coffee

3.30-5.00         Scottish Visions: Artistic, Mystic, and Geographical

Chair: Dawn Hollis, Independent Researcher and Consultant

Fern Insh, Courtald Institute of Art, “Depicting a New Scotland: Identity and Aspiration in George Jamesone’s Paintings

Michael Riordan, Independent Scholar, “Demystifying mysticism Scottish-style, 1660-1715”

Amy Todman, National Library of Scotland, “To the Bass and beyond: mapping and viewing the East Lothian coastline in the late seventeenth century”

5.00-6.00         What is The Future of Early Modern Scottish Studies?

Lightning Round and Closing Remarks